The value of sustainability: a storybook

August 7, 2020 3 minute read

Javier Marti Marcos is a sales executive for Aliter’s burgeoning Spanish market, working from our head office in Almere, The Netherlands. We were touched to learn that in his spare time, Javier, along with his sister Maria Martí, who is an artist and illustrator, created a beautiful children’s storybook – Voyagers of the Circle – with a deeper message around the value of our planet.

Brightening up the day for families during the total lock-down

The idea grew during isolation, as Javier made many calls each day to companies and found those he spoke to were often distracted, with children staying at home with them. He thought it might help to create a story explaining why Aliter and our clients focus on sustainability as a key priority – for the planet, and entertain and educate them along the way too.

Previously a photojournalist, and an avid nature lover and traveller, Javier created the storyline, and reached out to his sister Maria to bring it to life with stunning illustrations.

Javier shared with us how the story came to be, and the inspiration behind it.


What is the story about?

“The story is centered around some children who have to remain at home, like the reality of many children recently due to the pandemic, including my sister’s children,” Marcos says. “They come upon instructions to make a magic machine where children can follow along to build with what they have at home.”

So the story is about engaging kids while at home, but also educating them?

“Yes, and I also wanted it to be very much about how to be really aware of nature. At one point in the story it says that even from your window inside, you can see the clouds, see how the wind blows and moves things outside – to try to relax them and allow them to still enjoy their time indoors.”

From New Zealand, the kids continue travelling – this time travelling on the biggest animals on earth, sky and sea. On each destination along the way, Javier explains that the kids in the story receive a stone from the animal they travel with. Stones that really do exist and are tied back to the history of travel in their respective countries.

Sharing success

Javier’s story has had big success in Spain, where many clients shared it online and with their children. He’s since received interest from an editor, and now the book has been translated into English too, to share with more of Aliter’s clients.

“It was first and foremost a project for our clients and their children, says Javier. I wanted to share some knowledge about nature that would inspire and engage them.”

Download the book Spanish (pdf) Download the book English (pdf)

The full interview and article about Javier’s initiative is featured on BtheChange.

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