Lifetime Warranty

Offering lifetime warranty for all refurbished hardware purchased irrespective of OEM’s end of life limitations.

Our products are fully tested in our state of the art testing facility with our OEM trained technicians that we offer complete confidence to our clients by offering industry best warranty.

Aliter lifetime warranty conditions:

  • Aliter lifetime warranty period is limited to 10 years after the end of life milestone of the OEM.
  • Advanced replacement for the first three years of the warranty period with lifetime coverage. Within the advanced replacement period, Aliter covers the freight cost for both the replacement and return shipment.
  • After the 3rd year, the faulty product has to be returned to Aliter first before the replacement process is initiated. Aliter will only cover the freight cost of the replacement shipment.
  • Aliter lifetime warranty is applicable only for pre-owned equipment. New equipment purchased directly from the OEM, carries the OEM back to back warranty policy.
  • Aliter lifetime warranty is not valid for consumables. Consumables have a warranty period of 1 year. Consumables are hard drives, batteries, tape libraries, etc.
  • Aliter lifetime warranty is only valid for direct customers and excludes pre-owned resellers. Warranty for preowned resellers is limited to 90 days.
  • This warranty is non-transferable and only valid for the original purchaser of the Equipment.
  • In the event a replacement model is no longer available, Aliter reserves the right to replace the unit for a similar or better product.
  • In the event a replacement model is no longer available, Aliter reserves the right to provide the customer a credit note. 1st year covers 100% value. From the second year onward, each year gets deducted with 25% of original sale value till a minimum amount of 10% has been reached.
  • Aliter warrants that the equipment sold will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of such equipment provided that the Equipment is properly used and maintained. Aliter lifetime warranty is not applicable when failures are caused by force majeure situations.
  • For specific projects, Aliter lifetime warranty can be adjusted and that will be reflected on the formal quotation.

Please follow the below simple procedure for our lifetime warranty:

  • Please contact the party from whom you purchased the product by phone or email.
  • Our TAC will raise a service request and either trouble shoot the device or approve the RMA
  • Replacements will be send out in Advanced replacement manner or after the 3rd year the faulty unit has to be returned first
  • Once you receive your replacement, we will send through RMA instructions to return the defective unit

Warranty Online

  • Product warranty terms and other information applicable to our products are available here