Supply Chain: The Practical Approach

March 11, 2021 1 minute read

The supply chain of enterprises are increasingly becoming a complex ecosystem of people, processes and technologies. A once exclusive setup of internal systems has now greatly expanded due to the proliferation of networks, internets applications and connectivity in the past decade, providing seamless collaboration between customers & service providers.


With complexities increasing, IT leaders are being asked to reduce their IT costs and as IT budget becomes more difficult to manage with dynamic customer demands and technology’s opaque and complex cost structures. IT managers struggle to find granular details in their existing IT infrastructure to either eliminate or re-align with their mission-critical investments especially in this challenging economy. IT managers find themselves needing to re-evaluate their organization’s existing IT models, in order to find cost-cutting opportunities and to re-allocate resources that will deliver value.

By managing and improving environmental, social and economic performance throughout supply chains, companies might be able to contribute to the freeing up limited resources, optimizing processes, saving costs and increasing productivity.

While organizations expand these programs, they do struggle with the implementations of it. The infographic aims to provide a visual journey your organization could take to address their challenges. Use this metro-map series to raise urgency to find waste and seek cost-cutting opportunities.

Put this infographic up in your office, or bring it to meetings to initiate conversations on how you can economized, rationalized and scrutinized your IT budget to deliver further value and results.

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