Frequently Asked Questions

We offer powerful optimization strategies for your IT infrastructure, including testing, configuration, and storage.

What makes Aliter an authority on Circular IT and a reliable source of refurbished equipment for global clientele?

  • Aliter is a thought leader when it comes to pushing the narrative for more environmentally and economically sound solutions for businesses through refurbishing IT equipment. Our global headquarters is in Almere, the Netherlands, and we also have a Regional APAC office in Singapore.
  • We lead the narrative on Circular IT through thought and action. We are the first-ever B-Corp certified company in our industry. Our current roster has more than 3,000 other like-minded partners who rely on us for strategic business solutions. We have been a part of this industry and growing for the last 12 years.
  • Our goal is to ensure we have 1 million IT equipment reused by 2025. 

Do only specific types of companies buy refurbished equipment from Aliter?

  • Aliter has worked with companies from all niches and has a global presence when it comes to being reliable and tested refurbished equipment partners.
  • We cater to all sizes of companies from SMBs to enterprises, telecom, governments, financial and educational institutions, and healthcare.
  • We serve a wide scope of customers and can offer improved profitability and environmentally positive operations without any increase in investments. Our customers can rest easy knowing that any component or equipment leaving our warehouses is tested to the highest industry standards.
  • Our refurbished equipment is backed by Aliter’s comprehensive lifetime warranty.

How are used and refurbished different from each other?

  • Aliter only deals with refurbished equipment. This means that OEM equipment that is thoroughly tested and, after necessary corrective action is taken, is sold to our customers. We take great care to ensure that any equipment sold to our customers has clear stringent testing processes before we ship them out.
  • Used equipment means that the equipment is sold without any modifications or checks by a vendor. Used can sometimes also refer to brand new equipment with minimal usage as well; the term is a bit ambiguous.

What types of equipment does Aliter have in their inventory?

  • We stock all types of network hardware from popular OEMs like Cisco, Juniper, Dell, HP, Alperio, and other international brands. We can deliver high-quality, refurbished switches, routers, wireless devices, interfaces and modules, optics, and security.
  • All of these are exhaustively tested, proven reliable, and can deliver in the harshest working environments. These can be delivered all over the world through the quickest and most effective logistic carriers. 

Does Aliter offer a warranty on the equipment, and if so, what type of warranty?

  • Aliter has a comprehensive lifetime replacement warranty for any equipment that we supply. Before delivery, all equipment in Aliter’s inventory is rigorously tested by experienced and certified technicians.
  • Each item you receive and its accessories are subject to a 26-point inspection process which means you’re completely covered when it comes to quality and reliability.
  • We can also ship replacement parts to you before we receive your broken parts.

How does Aliter handle the maintenance of customer equipment?

  • Aliter understands that maintenance is an important part of equipment ownership. We have experienced technicians who can offer valuable insights while ensuring that any equipment meets all your demands.
  • We have extensive third-party maintenance services that ensure we double the lifetime of your IT ecosystem. We offer complete support for all our equipment, including switches, routers, wireless devices, interfaces and modules, optics, and firewalls.

What are the benefits of buying refurbished equipment from Aliter? 

  • Refurbished equipment can save you up to 65% off the cost of brand new. This can be helpful for small businesses that are just starting out and are looking for more performance for their money. It can also help if you are working within strict timelines and can’t afford longer lead times.
  • Buying refurbished equipment is a great idea because it saves you money and gets you the same exact product. When you buy from companies specializing in refurbished equipment like Aliter, you have access to the same products at a lower cost.
  • The risk of buying refurbished is also eliminated with our extensive 26-point testing process. You also get the benefit of Aliter’s advanced replacement warranty, which gives you complete peace of mind.

What information does Aliter need about my equipment to fulfill a maintenance contract?

  • Aliter needs information about your IT components so we can deliver equipment that works at your end, right out of the box. Understanding what hardware ecosystem you have helps us deliver a tailor-made solution for you.
  • We only require basic information about your setup like existing modules, routers, switches, and other components. We understand that data privacy is important.
  • We only use customer equipment information internally to configure your equipment and never share customer data with other parties.