Why Circular IT?

Circular IT shifts the focus from consumption to usability, extendibility, and sustainability of the IT infrastructure resulting in your business being fit for purpose.

Pushing The Narrative Towards Circular IT Adoption For Businesses.

At Aliter, we believe we can make businesses efficient and profitable through functional procurement strategies and cutting down on e-waste generation, which are the basic tenets of circular IT. We are able to achieve this through stringent quality control, a global supply chain, and forward-thinking people who are a critical part of your digital transformation.

Quality and Performance

Aliter’s state-of-the-art testing processes, knowledgeable engineers, and ensuring products are fit for purpose extends the lifetime of network equipment. We deal with Cisco, Juniper, Dell, HP, Alperio, and other international brands.

We believe opting for reuse of IT is a powerful choice for everyone. It saves time, money, and, most importantly–the planet.

All of our products are shipped with a lifetime warranty

Our dedicated 5* team is here to help

Better for the pocket, better for the planet