Hardware Lifecycle: Should you pull the Plug?

March 3, 2021 1 minute read

End of Life and End of Service life can often strikes a menacing tone; however, it can’t be further from the truth. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) use the terms; End of Life and End of Service Life to indicate a stage in the equipment life cycle. Milestones that define the type of support and marketing the OEM offers for the equipment.


When an equipment reaches its EOL or EOSL date, it does not mean it is slowing down, failing or will stop working promptly, but the dates indicate the end of OEM support and updates, and ultimately understanding the relationship between the terms and equipment performance can help you know how to prepare for the alert.

Once the equipment reaches an OEM-designated End of Life date, the OEM no longer markets, sells or releases additional firmware, patches or upgrades. But instead of following the OEM’s lead to refresh your hardware prematurely, explore the alternatives options that are readily available to you below.

Download our “Extend Hardware lifecycle” infographic below to find out further details on what options are available and how you can adopt and implement Circular IT as part of your operations.

Put this infographic up in your office, or bring it to meetings to initiate conversations on how you can economized, rationalized and scrutinized your IT budget to deliver further value and results.

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