Our story

Seasoned industry veterans Jean-Noel Clot and Heath Mulder came up with the idea of Aliter Networks at a barn in Almere, Netherlands. Their goal was to provide refurbished IT equipment that was backed up by strict quality control and inclusive warranty that made them a great choice to buying new.

Our customer roster extends to more than 133 countries

The need for businesses to connect with their clients and each other is paramount. We can help you do that effectively and with purpose. We are committed to exceptional quality of service backed by a global logistical network. We focus on providing businesses with effective solutions and alternatives to improve their ROI through Circular IT implementation. 

Our impact

3201 Trees planted to offset Co2 emissions
514.81 tonnes of Co2 compensated
3364 Customers served and growing

Part of Circular IT group

Aliter Networks has been part of Circular IT group since 2022. Together with the other companies within the group, we are committed to Circular IT. The group offers Circular IT solutions aimed at extending the lifespan of IT assets and thereby minimising the negative impact of the IT value chain on the environment and resource use.