Refurbishing technology with quality control

March 24, 2021 1 minute read

2020 has been a tough year all round and for IT industry, budgets have gotten tighter and network managers have started looking to extend their hardware lifecycle longer and are exploring newer ways to manage their networks more efficiently with a smaller budget. A challenge that comes with important considerations on quality, after sales services, logistics, immediate availability and more.

Purchasing refurbished equipment is an intelligent move on technology purchasing that sources original equipment manufacturers (OEM) products. Enjoy the same quality, value and performance with an added warranty and third-party support with competitive pricing of up to 65% off original equipment prices.

Buying quality refurbished equipment helps to maximize your budget and significantly reduce the cost of ownership. While a lower price point is great in maintaining a tight IT budget, refurbished equipment also needs to deliver with the highest standard of quality that includes a very thorough stress testing and diagnostics.

Refurbished equipments are bundled with an Aliter Lifetime warranty to ensure that the refurbished hardware is in an excellent and premium condition in order to meet our high quality standards as well as the requirements of our customers. Download the infographic below to find out the processes Aliter Networks has in place in order to deliver on that promise.

Put this infographic up in your office, or bring it to meetings to initiate conversations on how you can economized, rationalized and scrutinized your IT budget to deliver further value and results.

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