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We offer you a better solution than buying new: save a bundle on purchase costs, get a lifetime warranty, and generate less waste.
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Our goal: we aspire to reuse 500,000 IT network products by 2025

Our mission is to make a difference with IT. For Profit, People and the Planet. It is our goal to have half a million IT products reused by 2025. Better for your business, better for our planet. Are you with us?

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Why our customers love our refurbished solutions

Proven & Tested Technology
Only 1.2% returns

Quality and service are in our DNA. We go the extra mile with a smile! That's why our tailormade solutions come with a lifetime warranty. Just 1.2% of our deliveries are returned. If we fail, we fix it... fast

Lower costs of IT
Up to 90% off new price

Better than new for just a fraction of the price. Same quality, with a whole bunch of extras. Isn't that just great? It even gets better! No strings attached. You get to pick your own support contract. Maximum freedom of choice: supplier, contract type, you name it. And yes, we would love to support you!

Direct availability
24 hour delivery

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow at no extra charge. Not in a hurry? Go green! Through a smart combination of deliveries and use of environmental friendly vehicles green delivery reduces CO2 emission. Delivered with care.

Less waste
4.5 kg of waste saved

Each and every product that is disposed of, generates an average of 4.5kg of waste that’s caused by destroying the old and producing the new. Crazy, if you think about it right? Just imagine how much waste you can help save. Our two-cents: if it ain't broken, reuse it!

We feel a great responsibility to make a positive difference with our business in our world.

Our responsibilities
You can’t score without a goal
46% Complete

454,027 kg
IT waste prevented since 2009

230,072 (46%)
IT network products reused since 2009

We are serving 3,345 customers in 133 countries

We are proudly realising our goal by partnering with organisations like
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