First B Corp Certified IT Networks company

February 27, 2020 4 minute read

Aliter Networks recently became a certified B Corp company. With this certification, Aliter joins a growing group of sustainability focused B Corp organisations around the globe, including Danone, Tony’s Chocolonely, the Guardian, Patagonia, the Body Shop and Engie.“The B Corp Certification confirms that we are on the right track with our circular IT strategy,” says Aliter’s CEO Odette van Zijdveld,


“The B Corp Certification confirms that we are on the right track with our circular IT strategy,” says Odette van Zijdveld, Aliter Networks’ Chief Happiness Officer.

“Aliter is in the refurbished IT networks business, and with all that we do, we feel a great responsibility to make a positive difference in the world. We’re doing so with a circular business model. We feel proud that this has resulted in our B Corp certification; ranking us in the same league as some truly inspiring companies.”

“Since beginning in 2009, we have facilitated the reuse of over 150,000 IT products which saved a minimum of 310,000 kilos of e-waste. We take pride in helping our customers to use IT as a force for good,” she says.

Aliter buys and sells pre-owned serviced network equipment such as routers, switches and

VoIP systems – with a goal to expand the life cycle of the hardware.

“This results in less waste, reduces the production and use of (scarce) resources, while also significantly reducing CO2 emissions,” says Van Zijdveld.

As in the fashion industry where there’s a shift towards slow fashion happening, Van Zijdveld believes that instead of the fast option, it’s time for slow IT.

“I’d like to see more IT products reused, as well as a focus on sharing knowledge and infrastructure and using instead of owning equipment,” she says.

B Lab Executive Director Benelux Hubertine Roessingh was pleased to welcome Aliter Networks into the B Corp community.

“We welcome Aliter Networks as the first circular IT company to join our community. There is still so much to be done in making the IT industry more sustainable. With their mission to reuse half a million IT products by 2025, Aliter is at the forefront of making a shift from linear to circular IT.,” she says.

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Aliter Networks believes that the reuse of IT makes a difference: it saves time, money and most of all, the planet. Therefore, Aliter wants to have 500.000 IT products reused by 2025.

Since 2009, the company has prevented a minimum of 310,000 kilos of e-waste, and reused over 150.000 network products together with 2700+ IT companies and IT departments of banks, universities, TELCOs and hospitals across 112 countries.

Their state-of-the-art testing processes, extensive knowledge of critical network needs and certified engineers help guarantee a significantly extended lifetime for network equipment.

From its offices in the Netherlands and Singapore, 28 People of 13 nationalities are working together towards one goal: to have every company using sustainable technology by 2025.


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