Embracing the power of purpose

February 17, 2021 3 minute read

Over the last few months, a number of our team members in The Netherlands and Singapore have shared their insights and experiences on sustainable action in and outside of the company – as part of our Purposeful People blog series. And no doubt, it’s clear to see that our people support a more environmentally-friendly future and circular economy through refurbished IT in various ways.

You’ve heard about the changing nature of sales, to the sustainability of our product-testing process, to the ways mindful operational efforts add up to make a difference, and more.

Of course as a team of purposeful people, and a certified B Corp, we also make collective company efforts to extend this vision of sustainability into society and causes we believe in.

We use Aliter as a force for good to help enhance communities and education opportunities. So to wrap up this series, we’re exploring some of the ways we work with charities to embrace our purpose and make a difference with IT.


We see it as our duty to be involved in society in meaningful ways. As such, one of our latest partnerships is with Tree Nation, an organisation helping to “reforest the world.” By coordinating reforestation efforts in 33 different countries, they’re helping everyday citizens and companies alike to plant trees for a greener future.

For Aliter, it’s another way we can help to offset our CO2 emissions. And it hails back to what our Marketing Manager Tamil shared in his Purposeful People blog – increasingly, consumers care more about where their dollar goes, and we support them to make the most favourable purchasing decisions by providing socially responsible benefits like this.

Each time a client purchases our refurbished IT, we invest some of the sale into Tree Nation, and they enjoy the added benefit of knowing that their business helps put much-needed trees in the ground. It’s a win-win-win!

We love that we can make this difference collaboratively with our valued clients too and are proud to be moving this initiative forward by offsetting our emissions on a quarterly basis. Just since November 2020, we’ve already helped plant 2800 trees with Tree Nation. That’s 2.8 hectares of forest located in Nicaragua, with 505.12 tonnes of CO2 captured!


We also work with some initiatives and IT start-ups that are committed to creating positive change directly through IT – a great alignment with Aliter and what we stand for. For example, when we repurchase IT products from our customers to refurbish and resell, they have the option to make a donation to a charity of their choice. As a result some of the charities we regularly support are Kidsrights, Net4Kids and Friends of Sengerama.

We also work with Thaki, an organisation that installs lesson software on refurbished laptops for young refugees, improving their access to job opportunities.


If the Purposeful People series has reaffirmed anything for us (aside from how awesome and valuable our team is!), it’s that there are so many ways we can make positive change for people and the planet. And as many in the series expressed, change for good can often happen without compromising – sometimes even boosting – profit.

The more we, as individuals and businesses, align our efforts and actions to a holistic view of their impact, the more we grow and move forward with purpose. And what’s the point without purpose?

No matter the industry, profit alone will only get us so far. Purpose expands our horizons, strengthens connections and collaborations, and blazes the trail to a better way of doing business. It just makes sense.