Creating a Sustainable Edge in Education.

A large French National organisation with education bodies throughout France, which services vocational institutions through to high schools, must provide for over 35,000 IT students on CCNA “bundles” each year. While also staying within budget and meeting their sustainability goals. But Aliter provided the organisation with refurbished Networking equipment allowing them to do just that.


All educational institutions are governed by the national organisation. They provide the annual IT Network education to over 35.000 students across the country. In order to receive a Cisco Certified Network Associate Certificate (CCNA), students need to have hands- on practice on Network equipment, and all education institutions have to provide their students with practical lessons on equipment stations called ‘CCNA bundles.

Even though these education centers may apply for academy prices with the Network Equipment vendors; resulting in high discounts on these New IT Network products. Institutional budgets are still not sufficient enough to cover the cost required for all the necessary equipment.


Aliter provided the organisation with refurbished Networking equipment allowing them to stay within their allocated annual budget and meet their sustainability goals. Delivering a tailored solution by combining the high quality products with the right price and a clear sustainability focus.

“For us, using refurbished network products is the best possible solution. The price is at least 50% lower than the academy program prices, so we can do a lot more with less money. In addition,sustainability is high on our agenda and we strongly feel we have to lead by example. Buying refurbished network products allows us to do that.”
– Education Provider


  • Helped the organisation meet their sustainability goals and stay within their annual budget
  • Saved the organisation 50% on other programs
  • Prevented 750kg e-waste by using refurbished equipment.


  • Routers – Switches – Firewalls – Access Points – IP Phones