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We feel a great responsibility to make a positive difference with our business in our world. We do this in the following way:


We have a circular business model: we are in the refurbished IT networks business. Our aspiration is to have half a million IT products reused by 2025. This saves a massive amount of CO2 emission, both by limiting production needs as in preventing more waste.

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We are a conscientious company in the following areas: health, waste, electricity use, products used. We strive to achieve the greenest, healthiest solution.

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We support our customers by helping them to do good with IT. When we buy back, they can support a charity of their choice. For example, we have donated to Kidsrights, Net4kids and Friends of Sengerema.

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We believe in creating chances and changes with IT. Therefore, we invest in charities and IT startups who are doing this. For now, we have chosen to invest in www.thaki.org. They use refurbished laptops and program them with learning software to help young refugees join the workforce.

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We believe in the power of our team and the community they belong to. Therefore, we reserve a % of our profit to invest in community initiatives selected by our own team members. That could be by supporting their football team with outfits, donating to their favorite charity or starting an initiative that brings positive change.

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