We Buy

Buying back equipment means more than just an exchange of goods; together, we can create a positive impact on as much stakeholders as possible.

Make a difference with selling or donating your unused equipment:

For Product:

Your hardware will be carefully tested and cleaned by us in so that other companies worldwide can extend the life of these products

For Profit:

Add money to your budget and precious space to your warehouse by selling hardware that you are no longer using

For Planet:

Simple: reduce waste. Your reused equipment will contribute to the circular economy and reduce waste not only by extending the life of your equipment, but also prevent the waste produced when creating new equipment. You can double this effect by buying reused equipment yourself!

For People:

You can choose to invest (part) of the earnings to a charity of your choice. To see an overview of projects we are supporting and people we are helping, see our we care page.

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