The A Team

We are a team of like-minded people who push boundaries, overcome challenges, and have fun along the way.

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Aliter Editorial

We are multicultural, creative contributors from the marketing team, creating stuff that focuses on refurbishment, cost-efficiency, and Circular IT!

Adrian Tan 

Sales Account Executive

Someone who jointly collaborates with partners and customers, building a platform together where the latter can then delight their own customers.

Thomas Tun 

Sales Account Executive

Passionate in helping businesses transform sustainably and create positive impacts on the society. I can't live without music and badminton.

Ghia Man 

General Manager

There is always a way to do things better, you just have to look for it.

Sean Doyle 

Sales Director

My passion, inside of work, is making a measurable difference with my clients and helping them reach a more advantageous conclusion that surpasses what OEMs prescribe. Outside of work, I love music and travel.

Jacinto Gerald Ceasar 

Senior Support Engineer

The only thing permanent is change.