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We are happy to help you optimize your IT network infrastructure. Our Asset Management services include testing, configuration, management and storage­­­­­­­­­ of your network assets. Gain insight, save time, save space and save money.

We Manage:

We have developed advanced software for monitoring your hardware; your ordering history and your hardware stored in our warehouse. Keep insight in your remote located assets, request them to be sent whenever and wherever you need them, create a support request ticket, request configuration updates of your spares and more.

We Store: 

No space to store your spares? We can offer a personalized logistic service to effectively manage and configure high volumes of network hardware.

We Advise: 

Advice and knowledge comes standard with everything we do. From discussing your projects or infrastructure needs to suggesting alternatives and different viewpoints. So if you’re not sure which hardware you need, or just want to talk about upcoming projects, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We Test:

With the use of our testlab, you can remotely test your configuration in a test setting tailored to your needs. We can create a test environment in our testlab, so that you can test configurations with hardware you do not have, but may be planning on purchasing. Together, we can evaluate the results and decide which hardware is most suited for your needs.

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