Saving the planet while reducing cost at the same time

2020-04-02 08:45:00 | Case study | Jai Morton | << We Share

The company is a global provider of financial planning, insurance, investments, wealth management and banking. They have a total of 25 offices at different locations across the USA and EMEA.

The challenge

The company’s Network Manager was in need of an end of sale item to maintain a vital part of their network infrastructure. Replacement was required as soon as possible.

The solution

Fortunately, he stumbled upon Aliter Networks. We were able to provide the refurbished version of the product to the company the very next day at a reasonable price, so he decided to give it a try.

This first positive experience prompted the Financial Services Company to return when they had similar challenges, and they’re now a regular Aliter Networks customer.

The refurbished products

Switches - Accesoiries

The difference we made

• The ability to deliver hard-to-fi nd end-of-sale items.

• Saved the organization 50% in comparison with new product

• Next day product delivery

• By buying refurbished, the IT department is able to actively contribute to the company’s strategic objection of corporate social responsibility with sustainability


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