Refurbished solution extends life of network environment

2020-04-23 15:30:00 | Case study | Jai Morton | << We Share

This New Zealand based public health organization, which operates three hospitals, employs over 6000 people, and provides a wide range of specialist care services toa population of around 1.000.000 people.

The challenge

The organization was running a fleet of legacy network equipment with little or no support from the OEM.
As is the case for most healthcare organizations in the public sector, they were asked to do more with less – resulting in a limited budget to do a network refresh.
They were considering doing a network refresh with a fleet of new products of Cisco equipment, until they came in contact with Aliter Networks Asia on LinkedIn and were impressed by Aliter’s track record and customer testimonials.

The solution

Sold on the knowledge that Aliter has 10+ years of experience, and a thorough testing process, the organization was comfortable moving forward with Aliter as a vendor and partner. Working with refurbished networking equipment enabled them to maintain their switching infrastructure, while staying within a tighter budget which ultimately led to them offering better services to the hospitals.

The refurbished products

Cisco Switches - Accessories

The difference we made with IT

"Aliter offered us a great solution, which enabled us to extend the life of our current network, avoid unnecessary upgrades and refresh part of our legacy equipment to newer models, while staying within budget. That was much more than we expected. Aliter’s service level and turnaround delivery time is exceptional – helping us enormously to find the best possible solution. They are not just a supplier, but a trusted partner."

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