Rapid delivery keeps 24/7 telecommunication services on track

2020-03-30 09:00:00 | Case study | Jai Morton | << We Share

For this Telecommunications Service Provider, speed and accuracy are critical to ensure their clients can offer 24/7 service to their customers. So rapid service delivery is key, but not always achieved with their former supplier, which took over 6 weeks to deliver the required IT equipment.

The solution

When the company procured Aliter Networks’ services, we were able to deliver equipment within one week. To their satisfaction, they also didn’t have to be locked into any Cisco service contract, which would otherwise give them limited warranty and flexibility.

The refurbished products

The difference we made

"Aliter delivers a high level of service, they deliver fast, off er a lifetime guarantee and when I need technical support, they are only one call away.
This makes them much more than just a vendor – they are a business partner that shows commitment and fulfills our demands quickly and adequately.
To us, that really makes the difference." Company IT Director

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