The 'least sexy' part of IT most important

We’ve said it before – refurbished network equipment is better for the environment. But what about the environment itself? Unless your role involves dealing with network equipment or infrastructure, ‘the IT network’ is often regarded as something that just hums along in the background. Nobody really takes notice because…well, it’s not the ‘sexiest’ field. It’s not often the hot topic on the agenda.Until it is…

Because your network environment is really the backbone of the vital IT and tech that your company or workplace needs to function. Especially in today’s business world. It supports you to use the technology you need to carry out your daily tasks.

Without it, or when there are disruptions, that’s when people tend to take notice.

Least sexy, most important

So, aside from reminding you of the importance of a solid IT network, we’re here to say:

“Thanks to those that ensure business’ IT networks run smoothly so you don’t have to think about it! And even better if they’re opting for refurbished IT!”

So while not always so visible, ultimately they play a huge role in ensuring your day flows, keeping everything connected, updated and in good condition.

Not to mention the fast paced, shifting priorities those in IT infrastructure have felt during these economically hard times. Again, vital to supporting the sudden switch to remote workforces. So here’s to you!

Big impact in hard times

There’s no doubt that right now many business’ IT departments are under pressure to cut costs in these times. Being asked to do more with less, all without compromising safety, continuity and performance. A difficult task.

What if we told you the least sexy part of IT could make a huge difference for People, Planet and Profit?

As you know by now, given the critical role IT network infrastructure plays, it’s common practice to replace the whole network every 5 years, regardless of equipment condition.

But that’s not at all sustainable. It’s expensive, time-consuming and bad for the environment. Plus, the lifespan of most network components is way longer than 5 years. So then why replace them?

Where to find those business savings?

You guessed it. Opt for refurbished IT instead of new. Aliter focuses on extending the lifetime of IT infrastructure components. We buy, we sell, we service and we rent. Our Asset Management services include testing, configuration, management and storage of your network assets. So you can gain insight, and save time, space and money.

We believe in making a difference with IT for People, Planet and Profit. It is our mission to have 500.000 network products reused by 2025. Better for your business, better for our planet. Are you with us?