Plug & play for natural resources company

We’re particularly proud of this latest case study because, as our Sales Director Sean says – “I feel like we’ve truly hit a new benchmark when it comes to supporting our clients.” The client is a Gold Mining company in Australia deploying to a site in Africa.
They needed a full door to door shipment from our warehouse to their site in less than four weeks.

The challenge

Their main challenge was having not technical engineers on site, so the goal was to provide a plug and play solution. Gladly, their preference was already for sustainable or refurbished products, and they hoped to beat the cost of a Meraki solution by 50% or more.

The solution

While the parameters set before us were daunting, we took on the challenge – confident we had the necessary experience. What followed was a preowned Cisco solution consisting of 3850s for both the core and the edge network.

First, we developed the configuration install on all of the 3850s, followed by our resident CCIE tech dialling in to apply all of the configurations and test the network. We then ensured that all of the labelling was sufficient so that a simple diagram could be followed to plug in all of the switches.

Next came the VOIP deployment. The customer wanted a Call Manager Express solution deploying 35 phones. As well as all lines to be established with branding on all of the phones for the office solution.

And with some serious team dedication, we were able to successfully get everything out the door on time as planned!

The difference we made

● Delivering on time

● Protected against DOA (Dead on Arrival) failures

● Included a Spares Maintenance Strategy (Cisco cannot deliver to site in less than two days) and;

● Saved the client 50% over a Meraki solution with no further OPEX licensing or maintenance costs to consider

Plus, all of the hardware was backed by our advanced replacement lifetime warranty – meaning that whenever hardware fails, we’ll ship replacements free of charge and handle the retrieving of old faulty units.

We’re proud of the team delivering such a stand out solution.