Right product, best price, all year round

Timing is a key component for this contracted systems integrator, whose major client is an international US bank. They install IT systems for their client’s ATM machines and other electronic payment services, including bank statement printers, self-service terminals, cash register systems and networks. To meet their US client’s needs, they needed to find high quality & budget-friendly integrated services routers.


All ATM machines need to be connected 24/7, 365 days per year. The router is the key element that keeps everything up and running. To meet their US client’s needs, our customer needed to find high quality & budget-friendly integrated services routers.

For safe operations of an ATM, 3G routers suffice, so the need to source the Cisco 800 3G wireless series surfaced. But unfortunately, these 3G series were discontinued and replaced by a newer 4G model at a significantly higher price point.


Fortunately, because Aliter Networks refurbishes second-hand equipment, we were able to refurbish Cisco 800 3G routers and guarantee the supply to the systems integrator. The routers turned out to be a perfect solution for their client – from both a quality and performance perspective, as well as an economic standpoint.


> 1000 units of Cisco 800 Series (3G wireless) integrated services routers


• Saved the company €350.000 over the course of 5 years.
• Over 1000 KG of e-waste prevented due to the use of refurbished equipment.
• Established a long lasting & trustworthy business relationship.
• Provided high quality refurbished IT networking equipment with lifetime guarantee.

“It is great to save such a large amount of money, but with the line of work we are in, performance and reliability are even more important.

Since working with Aliter Networks, we’ve only had to replace one single 3G card out of approximately 1000 of the routers we’ve purchased.

This speaks for the quality that they deliver.”

– IT manager