Pandemic’s push to embrace refurbished IT

As the pandemic has impacted supply chains, some electronics manufacturers have struggled to produce new equipment. Could this be the best time for enterprises to opt for refurbished and reusing preowned IT equipment? Recently, the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle ( interviewed both our Network Consultant Arjen Workum and our APAC Sales Director Zimin Chen.

DW states that sales of electronic goods have surged in recent months as millions around the world have turned their homes into offices and digital classrooms. Within the first weeks of March, the US saw computer monitor sales double and demand for laptops, mice and keyboards increase by 10%. That might sound like good news for manufacturers but the other winners could be those pushing for circular economies that facilitate a continual use of resources.

In the article the question is raised if the world is ready for a switch to circular or if it will take more time to change mindsets. Although we live in a world that generates about 50 million tons of electric and electronic waste annually, which is roughly equivalent to discarding 1.000 laptops every single second, opting for refurbished goods is still relatively uncommon.

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