7 reasons the future is refurbished IT

January 11, 2022 4 minute read

As technology moves forward at a blinding pace, most companies struggle to keep pace with the changes this type of advancement warrants. Global IT hardware refresh rates are shorter than ever, and this is exacerbated by the fallout from the pandemic. Another factor to consider is the looming chip shortage that has no solution in sight. All these factors put a lot of stress on companies to develop innovative solutions to problems limited by dwindling IT budgets.

The simple solution to this global issue is to opt for refurbished IT hardware rather than more expensive OEM equipment. Refurbished hardware from the right companies can perform on par with new equipment for up to 80% off of the original price. Also, something to consider is the lifetime warranties and support, which is practically non-existent after a certain period (EoL) when you buy new.

7 Reasons Refurbished IT Is Critical for Businesses

Refurbished equipment makes a strong case for itself today and in the years to come. Let’s go over a few things that we think will make it a more sensible option for the future of businesses –

Identical Performance Compared to New

The price to performance ratio is perhaps one of the most critical metrics for businesses to consider. When comparing the same two pieces of equipment, from an economic perspective, there’s no practical reason why you need to pay extra for the same level of performance. Refurb has become a standard business practice, with even giants like Google considering new and refurbished “equivalent” and used interchangeably. They have saved upwards of one billion dollars annually on costs associated with IT hardware refurbishment. 

Considerable Savings in Cost

Every business is trying to do more with its existing budgets. And especially during these times when competition is high, and budgets are growing more restrictive. Buying refurbished equipment can deliver significant savings in cost. Our customers at Aliter save up to 65% when they buy from us versus buying new from OEMs. This means more breathing room for IT managers who also need to adapt to budget cuts and prepare for growth as well. Refurbished equipment not just saves on upfront costs but also reduces maintenance costs – something we’ll look at further in this article. 

Reducing E-Waste

Something that has grown unchecked is the huge amount of e-waste a linear economy generates. With hardware refresh cycles growing shorter, millions of tons of e-waste accumulate in landfills every year. The average period of use of IT hardware in the industry is three years. After which, it is discarded due to lack of support or warranty. Refurbished hardware puts a stop to this. Renewing IT hardware that can still be used effectively for businesses with extended warranty and support significantly reduces e-waste generation and carbon footprint globally. 

Lifetime Warranty and Support

Another important part of the business decision to switch to refurbished is the warranties and support they receive. OEM warranties and support are limited and do not last beyond End of Life of the hardware. Aliter has its Lifetime Warranty coverage that provides complete coverage for all your equipment. This means peace of mind for you now and in the future.

Extensive Testing

Today, the refurbished IT equipment industry is a lot more focused on delivering an experience like new for their customers. Gone are the days when refurbished equipment sometimes was faulty or unreliable. Experienced refurbished equipment vendors like Aliter have a detailed testing process and years of equipment knowledge that delivers reliable equipment. We have a comprehensive 26-point test process in-house to ensure zero chances of failure right out of the box. 

Cost-Effective Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance can be an expensive proposition for businesses of any size. And an unfortunate truth in the industry is that OEM maintenance contracts are expensive and do not offer enough value. Not to mention, they become even more expensive past their standard warranty periods. Third-party maintenance contracts make a lot of sense for companies because of their price-performance ratio and their extensive coverage. Aliter has a robust third-party maintenance program in place for our customers. It offers companies a more flexible option to save on their budgeting.

Options Not Limited to OEM Vendors

As the owner of an SMB, there are situations where the ideal equipment is not on sale or unsupported by the OEM vendor. This makes the purchase of the current generation of (more expensive) hardware a forced-choice rather than an option. Opting to buy refurbished equipment considerably eases the pressure on companies who are looking to stretch their budget. Aliter stocks a huge range of IT equipment, including legacy systems that are not supported by OEMs. Every equipment and component in our huge inventory is backed by world-class support and our extensive Aliter Lifetime Warranty.

To Summarize

With all the benefits that refurbished IT offers, it’s safe to say that it’s an indispensable part of the future for businesses and people. Refurbished hardware saves companies money and can even reduce downtime due to faulty equipment. If you haven’t already made the switch, now is a great time to do so.

To learn more about all of the benefits of working with Aliter, get in touch with us on our website today. We can help you get the most of a strict IT budget for your business!