Testing: a vital part of sustainable IT

January 20, 2021 4 minute read

I’m Tim, a Networks Solutions Specialist with Aliter for 10 years now and working in the industry for over 17 years. It’s part of my daily role to ensure that our customers get the best quality refurbished IT products – and one of the ways we do that is by offering extensive testing on all equipment. A process I am very familiar with, testing is necessary to extend the life cycle of products we receive. It’s also crucial for our quality assurance.

Which, in the bigger picture, is all part of Aliter’s journey to sustainable IT. See our metro map here for an overview of the key pathways towards circular IT.


Put simply: quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

We are thorough when it comes to testing. Done in-house, we use state-of-the-art testing procedures and tailor-made software – designed by our Co-Founder and CTO Heath Mulder, who has been instrumental in our equipment testing process. The software is very intuitive, and we continue to develop it to ensure it is as comprehensive as possible. Our software logs all previous tests – which helps us test faster and more efficiently. In turn, resulting in less electricity use.

Such fast, efficient testing helps us maintain a competitive advantage too, while still remaining good for the planet. It’s never just about profit with Aliter.

Knowledge is key
Testing also helps us to maintain an in-depth knowledge of all our products. This is important because we know our customers want assurance that the product they’re receiving was well tested. And it’s a plus for our sales team too. The more they know, the more they can help, and walk the talk on our advanced hardware replacement warranty.

Bespoke testing for your needs
And it’s not just products we test. Many times our customers need custom configurations, so together with our highly skilled engineers, we test those in our testing environment to get the required set-up right the first time.

Efficiency keeps us green
Because of such a thorough, tailored testing process, post sale, after equipment goes out to its new owner, there’s a lower chance that there’ll be issues or returns. This point is especially key for sustainability. If quality goes up and we have less return merchandise (RMA), less product replacement happens, meaning fewer emissions used in transportation. And of course, this helps us keep a high level of customer satisfaction.

I’m proud that many of our new and long term clients trust us and believe in circular IT.

And investing in circular IT means our clients help to disrupt other problematic parts of the linear IT process. If you have a positive experience with refurbished hardware and share that with your network, highlight that you got the same device for 60 or 70 percent less cost, the hope is that those connections start to see the benefits of circular IT and invest too. And we know that less demand means less new products will be produced.

Want to see the details on the steps we take during testing? Scroll down to ‘the testing process’.


As a team, we have a great deal of industry experience and expertise. We come together well – dedicated to that metro map, taking us towards a more sustainable future for IT. And so I also spend a portion of my week supporting Aliter’s clients with technical questions they may have.

We try to work closely with our customers to advise them on their specific needs. I think that’s something that makes us special.

Customers don’t always have technical questions, but when they do I’ve found that having built up such a wealth of technical IT knowledge over the years comes in handy. Questions can be pre-sale to ensure the customer gets exactly what they need, or post-sale, when there are occasional tech or software compatibility issues. I often step in here to troubleshoot or to authorize any returns. And I keep a log of findings here, as a sort of guide to support any similar issues that arise in the future.

I love my job and I’m proud to be part of a spirited team offering such comprehensive pre and after-sales service to ensure the best for our clients and the planet. We believe in what we do, we’re passionate about it – and it shows.

And being part of a team working towards the bigger common goal of circular IT is pretty cool. I didn’t get into this job for the refurbishing, but over the years I’ve become more aware of our commitment to sustainability, and I’m glad that we’re working towards something very good.

I think all companies should be working to create positive change. However it may be. If we all work together as a team, and around the world – sharing knowledge and wealth, supporting and collaborating with each other, we will benefit from that.