Positivity feed: the lighter side of life

April 8, 2020 2 minute read

There’s no doubt the world is quite entrenched in new ways of working and living now, thanks to the pandemic. And there’s a lot of news and social media out there about the challenges now, and ahead. But it can be a little overwhelming at times. So we hope you’re able to take a moment to see the lighter side of life (and news) too.

In that spirit, we’ve rounded up a few good news pieces from around the globe, including a number of initiatives from fellow B Corps. Most undoubtedly show how technology is used for good – while others are simply heartfelt reminders that humans are resilient, creative, resourceful and ultimately, can and will support each other in times of need. Enjoy!

Good news for humanity

B Corps are in it together (via B Corp)

Tree Planet, a B Corp based in Seoul that builds forests through crowdfunding and mobile gaming, created virtual campaigns to send small indoor “companion plants” to people in the most affected region, Daegu. Their idea is bringing joy to many, helping to support psychological health and wellness, as people stay home and social distance.

In Australia,B CorpWho Gives a Crap, a toilet paper home delivery service, develops a ‘campaign for calm’ on social media – opting to highlight stories of communities sharing and supporting one another, instead of panic buying toilet paper (and other products).

In Italy, a digital marketplace was set up in response to the COVID-19 situation – allowing for companies to offer free services and products to the population. One such company, Little Genius International, is providing free, remote lessons in English and Italian for children, for the duration of compulsory school closure.

We’re (re)discovering new ways to (re)connect

Keeping connected, social, fit, informed, calm, creative, cultured – you name it, and the internet has likely played a part in the last few months for you. It goes without saying, we’re feeling grateful for the internet right now.

During such a distanced and difficult time, we’re (re)discovering (and creating) networks that make us stronger together.

“If this is the worst of times, it is also the best of times. In our anxiety we are drawing deep reserves of strength from others. In our isolation we are rediscovering community. In our confusion we are rethinking whom we trust.”

Read more via The Guardian

3D printed masks for healthcare workers

3D printing enthusiasts are banding together to voluntarily print free, biodegradable protective plastic masks for healthcare workers fighting COVID-19 – thanks to a couple who published a how-to guide online.

Read more via Good News Network