Corporate Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is an important part of our company, it’s in our DNA since 2008! Our core business is built on principle of reuse.

Networking equipment is very suited for reuse, with a lifespan much longer than the 3-5 years large manufacturers use to launch new product releases. When a product has been announced end of sale, it doesn’t mean that you need to revise your entire network, we can help you extend the life of your network and save E-waste production and costs in the process.

Aliter's Circular Economy Model

Aliter's Circular Economy Model - The  model consists of make & distribute -> deliver -> use -> asset recovery -> back to deliver (circular)

An ever growing user base of SMB, SME and Large Enterprises are realizing the benefits and importance of a circular use of resources.

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We can help you to minimize your carbon footprint and improve environmental responsibility by defining a procurement and recovery strategy for your current and future assets.

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